Amnon Darsa

Best Krav Maga instructor in the world- Amnon Darsa

Amnon Darsa

Amnon is undeniably one of the best Krav Maga instructors in the world today. Expert 5, he began Krav Maga training at the age of thirteen. From 1988 Amnon was the protégé of Eyal Yanilov, the closest student of Imi Lichtenfeld.

Amnon Darsa was born in 1972 in Naharia, northern Israel. From a very young age he developed a love for sports and trained in Judo. In his teenage years his family moved to the center of Israel. Amnon traveled to school by bus, passing through various outsider neighborhoods. Needless to say, the bus became a fighting ground between kids. During one of his bus rides, a friend announced that he was attending a Krav Maga class exclaiming “you get to fight every time and you learn how to beat people up!” This idea appealed to Amnon and five of his friends who joined a club in Kefar Saba. It was there that he was introduced to his first instructor, Miki Assolin – one of the original black belts trained by Imi. Amnon trained under the watchful eye of Miki for four years before transferring to a military high school in Haifa. Amnon wanted to continue training Krav Maga and was referred to Eyal Yanilov an instructor in a nearby kibbutz. He continued his training with several students including Shahr Klarfeld, Simon Harpaz, Nahom Brasover and Haim Sasson until joining the IDF in 1991 and continued training Krav Maga while he served in the military for three years. After the military Amnon dedicated himself to his true passion and profession of Krav Maga.

Experiences and Qualifications:

  • 1987: Enrolls in the Instructor Course under International Krav Maga Association (IKMA) under Haim Zut and Haim Gidoon. During this time Amnon trains with his friend Zeev Cohen

  • 1994: After completion of his military service, Amnon works in the Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga as an instructor in security companies in Israel while teaching Krav Maga in high schools

  • 1995: Works as the Head Instructor in a club in France for three months in his first overseas project

  • 1997: Trains bus drivers in Israel to protect themselves from attacks during their shifts using Krav Maga

  • 1998: Completes Evergreen Corporation in Panama VIP Course, Military Instructor’s Course, Taxi Driver Self-Defense course in Israel to defend against attacks

Amnon becomes the first member of the Global Instructor Team (GIT) for the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) who worked with Eyal Yanilov internationally

  • 1990: Receives the Instructor diploma from the Sport Ministry of Israel

  • 1999: Completes Evergreen Corporation in Taiwan VIP Course

  • 2000-2014: Teaches multiple global instructor courses for civilian, military, law enforcement and close protection

  • 2000-2014: Teaches several seminars internationally in various topics to thousands of students. Leads one of the first biggest seminars in the KM world of over 250 people in Holland.

  • 2008: Founding of G and E level/crash camps

  • 2009: Receives his Expert 5 diploma, the first ever given by IKMF

  • 2009: Completes Defensive Driving Instructor Course

  • 2010: Becomes a RKC 2 Kettlebell Instructor

  • 2010-2014: Becomes the Head of the Grading Committee in the IKMF

  • 2011: Develops the grading system and software for IKMF tests for iPad

  • 2014: Becomes the owner and Head Instructor of Krav Maga Core (KMC)

  • 2015: Becomes the Ground Force Method Instructor

  • 2016-present: Becomes the Owner and Head Instructor of Strong Motivating Realistic Training Krav Maga (S.M.A.R.T. KM)

  • 2016: Appointed Master RKC by DragonDoor

Amnon’s contribution to the industry of Krav Maga has been significant, from training civilians, instructors and units of the armed forces throughout the world. He has lead hundreds of seminars and courses and qualified numerous instructors. Amnon is internationally respected for his professionalism, devotion and high level of teaching.

Vision in Amnon Darsa’s own words:

“My approach and vision to Krav Maga is very simple but hard to achieve. I think Krav Maga should be learned by everyone who wants to “walk in peace.” I am a strong believer in Rory Miller’s words “The only defense against evil, violent people, are good people who are more skilled at violence.”

So we need to train hard on all aspects of the fight. My aim is to bring this understanding to people by creating instructors who will look at Krav Maga as their passion and duty to share with others.

I see Krav Maga not only as work or a hobby and a natural passion but as a mission – whether in Israel or around the world. My aim is to bring this understanding to whomever wants to learn Krav Maga through courses, seminars or individual training, etc.”

Train with one of the best Krav Maga instructors in the world and expand your abilities.

Amnon would happily teach in your school or host you in Israel – the birthplace of Krav Maga.

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