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How much to train

 How much to train Krav-Maga? This one is easy for me, all the time, as much as possible, do some cross training, and some power/weight training (KB, DVRT and rope are the best) don’t forget to work on mobility and stretching…. did I forget something? I don’t think so… But, and its a big but! […]

What makes a good Krav Maga training session?

What makes a good Krav Maga training session? This is a question that I get very often. Knowing that although there are a lot of instructors and training approaches it is still a hard one to master. I will try to present my point of view. As I see it, there are a few ways […]

Krav-Maga old vs new

Krav-Maga old vs new IMI’s period and the beginning Haaa the good old days…. when things where much simpler, clear and great. Back in the days when IMI, the founder of Krav Maga, was alive everyone listened to him. He was the one to approve or disapprove the techniques, change if needed a technique or […]



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