How much should I train??

How much to train Krav-Maga?

This one is easy for me, all the time, as much as possible, do some cross training, and some power/weight training (KB, DVRT and rope are the best) don’t forget to work on mobility and stretching…. did I forget something? I don’t think so…

But, and its a big but! How many people can afford the time for that? A lot of people who know me think I’m a bit crazy with my training regime/ways. For me it’s my love, my work and my passion. For the majority of people its not even close, they come to train, because they want to get fit, strong, have a hobby, learn some self defense, meet people and the sort. They don’t want to immerse themselves into it, they also have work, family and friends to juggle in their time on earth…

There are a few types of people out there that train KM:

1. Hobby people (beginners) they train around 3-6 months and stop.

2. The continuing students more advanced, they will stay up to G levels.

3. The serious students – will stay for longer maybe even instructor material.

4. The experts – they will stay for life.


The hobby people

I will say train as much as you see fit, start with 2 times a week, if your out of shape you can add some power training. In most training places instructors will take care of power drills for you. However, in many cases the intensity and amount of training may not be good for you depending on your fitness.

The continuing

Look at Krav-Maga as the system they train for well being, they like what they get from it, maybe an additional training of sparring or extra weekend training but nothing more than that.

The serious

He/she is on! They like it and tell the world about it! They will typically stay training longer, maybe will become instructors in order to help their instructor, and will invest in training more time to become better. To them I say: you need the extra training! More Krav-Maga training with some added power/strength to help the body with the training hours on the mats.

The experts

Need to do as much as possible and more, as only with training the small details you get better. They will need to look the part, so extra good strength, mobility program is a must! They have to become a role model! Cross training (training in other fighting styles/martial arts) is also good for them so they become better all around! The only thing they need to remember is not to drift to other non Krav-Maga fields….

After all of the above, come the students. We have two categories of students: first, simple practitioners that will do only what is needed from them. The individuals that will not put extra time into becoming better but will just keep on coming to train as long as they can/want and will advance in their tempo.

Second are the addicted for life that will buy all the gear there is to buy, will come to every Krav Maga seminar/camp/testing under the sun, and will come to whatever training session they can/ is allowed just for the fun. These people will advance very fast, but also will possibly burn themselves very fast or get injured and just drop out. This is where we need to calm them down a bit…

Now generally speaking 2 trainings of 1.5 hours a week are good. The reappearing problem however, is always the question about the possibilities of the training place you have. So a general 1 hour training 2 times a week is also OK. To this we can add strength training and the mobility work that can be done at home.

Cross training

A few things regarding cross training. For me training with people from other styles and learning new things…. is a great pleasure. However, I don’t think its good for all students. I think that if the student is already training something else when he comes to Krav-Maga so be it. But if a student wants to start training something else with his Krav-Maga I’ll tell him to wait a bit until he is an advanced level, when he can take from other styles and incorporate it into the Krav-Maga. Not to get confused by the other styles and get overwhelmed with all the new stuff he learns and at the end not understand/get anything, as he has two instructors pulling to other directions…

So for those of you looking for an answer to the question of how much to train? The answer is simple, look for yourselves in this article and find where you stand with your training, then train to this level or change to the level you want to become…. but don’t forget to have fun all the way!

For me it’s simple, all the things I do extra come to support my Krav-Maga! To better understand, perform and teach it, this is my aim with extra training and cross training.



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