Instructor Training in Israel

You are a fully qualified instructor and love to teach people self-defense. You are looking to continue training and evolve your skills, therefore your next step should be Krav Maga Instructor Training in Israel.

This training enhances development and knowledge of self-defense. It is available for those who are part of an organization and require instructor training, or for individual instructors.

Training with a highly skilled senior instructor is critical to your development.

So what to do? 

As an independent, high level instructor, Amnon Darsa provides you continuous education regardless of your affiliation. As an internationally recognized instructor with years of experience, Amnon offers you a connection to the source, integrity and professionalism. With a customized program he focuses specifically on your and/or your club’s goals to provide optimal training, testing and club development.

The training takes place in a Krav Maga club in Israel where you will have the opportunity to learn in an established Israeli club. Krav Maga Instructor Training in Israel is a fantastic opportunity to combine training with travel.

It is highly recommended and beneficial for your assistant instructor and instructor’s team.

Programs may be customized depending on individual needs. Suggestions and assistance will be provided as needed.

Each program is designed depending on:

  • Length of stay (minimum 2 days)
  • Subjects included in the curriculum (per individual interest)
  • Location of training (choose from a gym, beach, or park)
  • Budget for accommodation
  • Duration of daily training (minimum 2 hours/day)
  • Additional days to tour Israel

The Instructor Training in Israel is guaranteed to turn a simple vacation into a unique, exciting and memorable one!

To start developing and advancing further as a Krav Maga Instructor and to take you club to the next level contact Expert Amnon Darsa. 



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