Instructor Training

For fully qualified instructors that can teach people self-defense, whether part of an organization or not.

There is one question that you must ask yourself: How do I continue training and evolving to get even better? The answer is simple, Krav Maga Instructor Training.

The Instructor Training program enhances the knowledge and development of self-defense.

In order to stay certified within your organization you will likely be required to train throughout the year, depending on your contract. If you do not belong to an organization, you will still be required to train throughout the year in order to keep yourself up to date and refine your skills.

The main benefits of the Instructor Training are:

  • Maintaining a high technical level
  • Learning new techniques
  • Better understanding of the curriculum
  • Training in a more advanced level than the one you currently teach
  • Training despite not having other instructors around to train with
  • Socializing, meeting new people, exchanging training and teaching experiences
  • Learning from colleagues and gaining tips about running a club

So what to do? 

As an independent, high level instructor, Amnon Darsa provides you continuous education regardless of your affiliation. As an internationally recognized instructor with years of experience, Amnon offers you a connection to the source, integrity and professionalism. With a customized program he focuses specifically on your and/or your club’s goals to provide optimal training, testing and club development.

This training can take place at your club or in Israel where you have the opportunity to see how an established Krav Maga club operates.

Examples for the Instructor Training:

  • Work on an advanced curriculum
  • Training on 3rd party protection
  • Understanding how to conduct a level test
  • Improve within your level
  • Enhance your teaching abilities
  • Learning how to write and prepare lesson plans
  • Dealing with extreme situations in class
  • Working on a group specific curriculum for women and children, etc.

To start developing further as Krav Maga Instructor and to take your club to the next level contact Expert Amnon Darsa.



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