Krav Maga Curriculum

What is a curriculum? It is a list of all the subjects, techniques and drills that the student will go experience in his training.

At the beginning of Krav Maga there was a curriculum that was built on the techniques that Imi was developing and teaching and was based on the military material. Imi and some of his higher level students organized all the techniques into lists by what they thought was best to teach at the beginning. As Imi adopted the belt grading system in an attempt to be recognized by the Jodo Federation of Israel, he chose the same ranking by colors.

In the 80’s, following the same idea of what should a student learn first and based on principles of movements in the techniques, the curriculum was rearranged by Eyal Yanilov. Furthermore, the patch system was introduced to differentiate Krav Maga from other martial arts and to efficiently distribute the vast amount of materials.

The patch system includes: 5 practitioner levels, followed by 5 graduate levels, 5 expert levels and 3 master levels.



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