School Seminar

What does a seminar in Krav Maga consist of?

A seminar is an opportunity to focus on a specific subject while bringing people together outside of regular training. The length of a seminar varies from several hours to 2-3 days and can cover one or multiple subjects. Krav Maga seminars offer a very broad overview across a particular subject and can cover topics that are usually not a point of focus during regular training such as close protection, military, road rage, control and restraint, etc.

Who is the client?

Seminars are typically organized by owners of schools or independent instructors who seek enrichment for their students’ knowledge of Krav Maga. It is an opportunity for the instructor’s team to receive additional training on specific subjects. A seminar is part of a training weekend where the school or club can invite anyone interested in Krav Maga or those curious to learn about self-defense.

A weekend seminar can also include shorter sessions directed to specific groups such as women, children, military and police.

Krav Maga seminars can take place outdoors, in training clubs, or special venues such as pubs, discotheque, sea/pool, forest, obstacle course, flight rescue training center and so on, depending on one’s imagination and abilities.

Subjects for seminars can vary depending on the request of the instructor/club owner:

  • Introduction to Krav Maga
  • Striking and kicking
  • Dealing with weapons: knife, stick, fire arms
  • Ground situations
  • Dealing with grabs, chokes and bear hugs
  • 3rd party protection
  • Car rage
  • Multiple attackers
  • Women self-defense
  • Fighting tricks

Amnon Darsa enjoys teaching seminars and is more than happy to put new ideas into action.

To organize a Krav Maga seminar in your club or organization on a specific subject, contact Amnon Darsa. Plan an unforgettable experience for your students!



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