What is a test? It is a formal evaluation of a person’s knowledge or proficiency in a particular subject or skill.

The role of Krav Maga level testing is to check your technical performance (memory test), tactical skills (problem solving), fighting skills (fighting), mental stamina (approach to the test) and your fitness. If conducted correctly by an instructor who knows what to look for you will obtain an understanding of your level.

The Krav Maga test is a way for both the instructor and student to know where they stand in regards to the curriculum and overall Krav Maga abilities.

The idea behind multiple testing parts is to predict whether the student will succeed in defending himself in a real life scenario.

Each organization has its own testing protocol. The larger and more commercial the organization, the easier the level testing has become.

As Amnon Darsa intends to stay loyal to the aim of Krav Maga, he believes testing protocols should be difficult in order to receive the best preparation possible. For example, the Krav Maga Level 1 Test Curriculum and Krav Maga Level 2 Test Curriculum that can be found here must include all the basics of a good fighter. These include fighting, mental, technical and tactical abilities.

All of those can be found in the Krav Maga Level 1 Test Preparation or other level preparations done by Amnon Darsa on demand.

Amnon has no objections to testing and preparing students from other Krav Maga affiliations.

He highly believes it is his duty to help people train for real-life situations and testing is one of the ways to do so.

Everyone is welcome to test. You will be guaranteed a professional and fair evaluation.

You may arrange a level testing in your club for students or instructors and prepare beforehand.

Another option is to join Amnon Darsa for a 3-4 day training in Israel followed by the test, in the birthplace of Krav Maga.

Test with the best and know you earned your next level.

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