Trainer, instructor, teacher, coach, mentor or master?

What are you? Trainer, instructor, teacher, coach, mentor or master?

How do you see yourself when working with people?

With all the courses and titles they give you, after you paid your dues (physically, mentally, and financially) you received a diploma with some writing on it, you just took that nice picture with the person who just gave it to you so you can put it of FB, twitter or where ever. And after all of this, who have you actually become?

Im an instructor…

I’ve been asking myself – after so many years of teaching people KM and KB what am I? An instructor? A teacher? A trainer? Maybe a coach? Master perhaps?(that can be nice….).

Well, I think the answer is not that simple, at least not anymore (for me that is).

In the past, my past, it was easy for me – I was an Instructor! By the definition of the Merriam- Webster dictionary “instructor – a person who instructs other people”.

That was exactly what I was doing whether in seminars, courses or to the people who came to simply learn how to do things, techniques, or drills etc.

But with time, as I got more into the understanding of what I was doing when teaching and the more I understood what I was doing in KM, I discovered that of course I’m teaching skills and techniques to people but I am also showing them the way, leading them. I try to make them understand what they are doing so the next time they get in to the same or similar situation they can solve it by themselves.

And the same goes to KB and Primal Move. I teach the moves – techniques but I also try to get the people to understand how to work by themselves with the knowledge they got, so they can train on their own. So I understood that I was not “just” an instructor, but also something else… what is it that thing and how do we call it?

Teacher Level…

For a lot of people the next level is the teacher. This is to much school memories for me so I don’t like to use it and I didn’t get an official teacher’s diploma. Also in martial arts we don’t use it so much. The title coach is more for team sports, or when you work with teams of people preparing for competitions and so on. However, another way to look at a coach title is the way of a higher level of instructor, a person that has a lot of roles in front of his students/athletes. The main ones for me are: to bring the students to places they never thought possible, to be a good role model, a person of knowledge and a some sort of an adviser. It takes years to develop those abilities and you need to love what you do for that. The next one is mentor, hmm for me a mentor is someone old that has the intelligence of years of doings. He is old and wise…. I AM NOT OLD!!! at least I don’t feel old (I feel young, and my GF says I behave like a 6 year old at times – so I’m not old…lol). Then there is the master – again by the Merriam-Webster dictionary “an artist, performer, or player of consummate skill (2): a great figure of the past (as in science or art) whose work serves as a model or ideal” ok… not there yet I think…

Master Level?!

So what did I evolve into? The way I see it, I’m still and always will . The fact is that all through the years I have and still am trying to improve what I’m doing. I try to become the best of the best, but do I consider myself a master – no. Do others see me as a master? Maybe? It’s all up to them… In the old times (in the East) as there were a lot of styles of martial-arts, masters of one style recognized masters of another style, making them all around masters…

The way I see it today is I have a few hats that I put on according to the person/group in front of me. I adjust myself to them. Of course it also depends on the person/group that I work with, if they have a low level I have to teach/ instruct them, and if they have a high level I can only coach them so they learn how to use the techniques they know in a better way or other situations. It also depends on the type of training we are doing a more technical training will have more teaching and instructing, and a more open, free, drill oriented training will have more coaching.

Regarding the master, it will come later, when other people decide and will see that I have given them something more than just knowledge…

Let me know what you think.



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